Employer of Record & PEO Services in Canada

Employer of Record & PEO Services in Canada

Welcome to e-square, your trusted partner for seamless Employer of Record (EOR) and Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services in Canada. We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for businesses looking to navigate the Canadian employment landscape efficiently.

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Hiring in Canada

Finding Top Talent Made Easy

At e-square, we understand the significance of hiring the right talent for your business. Our Employer of Record and PEO services streamline the hiring process, ensuring you have access to top-tier candidates while complying with all Canadian labor regulations. Trust us to be your ally in building a strong and skilled workforce.

Remote Work in Canada

Embrace Flexibility with Confidence

In today's dynamic work environment, remote work is more prevalent than ever. Discover the possibilities with e-square's Employer of Record and PEO solutions that support and optimize remote work arrangements, enabling your team to thrive, no matter where they are in Canada.

Canada Labor Laws

Navigating the Regulatory Landscape

Understanding and adhering to Canadian labor laws is crucial for any business. Our expert team at e-square is well-versed in the intricacies of Canada's labor regulations, ensuring that your employment practices align with the legal framework, giving you peace of mind and compliance.

Canada Employment Contract

Clarity and Compliance

Crafting a comprehensive employment contract is a cornerstone of effective workforce management. e-square's Employer of Record and PEO services assist you in creating contracts that are not only legally sound but also tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Minimum Wage

Fair Compensation for Canadian Employees

Stay compliant with minimum wage regulations across Canada. The minimum wage is the lowest in Canada at CAD $11.45, while the minimum pay is the highest at CAD $16. These rates are accurate as of October 2020. The federal minimum wage is set at $16.65 per hour as of April 2023. These rates are accurate as of October 2020. e-square helps you navigate the diverse minimum wage requirements, ensuring that your employees receive fair compensation in accordance with provincial standards.

Working Hours in Canada

Balancing Productivity and Well-being

Optimize your team's productivity while respecting Canadian working hour regulations. The maximum number of hours you can work in a week is 48. Employees are limited to a combined total of 10 hours per day or 48 hours per week, e-square supports you in creating schedules that align with legal requirements, fostering a healthy work-life balance for your employees.

Employment Taxes in Canada

Expert Guidance for Compliance

Navigating the complexities of employment taxes in Canada can be challenging. e-square provides expert guidance to ensure your business complies with all tax obligations, fostering financial stability and adherence to legal requirements.

Employee Income Tax Rates

Maximizing Financial Efficiency

Understanding employee income tax rates is integral to effective financial planning. e-square empowers you with insights into tax rates, As of last update for 2022-2023, the personal income tax rates for Canada residents are as follows:

For the first CAD 53,359 of chargeable income Tax: 15%

For the next CAD 53,359 - CAD 106,717: 20.5%

For the next CAD 106,717- CAD 165,430: 26%

For the next CAD 165,430 - CAD 235,675: 29%

Above CAD 235,675: 33%

Employer Income Tax

Meeting Corporate Tax Obligations

Stay on top of your corporate tax obligations with e-square's Employer of Record and PEO services.

For a 12-month tax year that ends on December 31, 2023, the following rates are in effect.

According to the Income Tax Act, the federal company tax rate begins at 38%. This rate is mitigated by a 10% reduction in federal income taxes and an additional 13% reduction in general taxes. All of this results in a 15% net corporate tax rate.

Health Insurance in Canada

Prioritizing Employee Well-being

Secure the health and well-being of your employees with comprehensive health insurance solutions. e-square helps you navigate the options available in Canada, ensuring that your team has access to the coverage they need.

Maternity Leave

Supporting Work-Life Transitions

e-square understands the importance of maternity leave in fostering a supportive work environment. It is possible to take up to 15 weeks of paid maternity leave. This may begin as early as 12 weeks prior to the anticipated due date and may last until as late as 17 weeks following the actual delivery date.

Sick Leave in Canada

Balancing Health and Productivity

Empower your employees with the support they need during illness. e-square's expertise ensures that your sick leave policies align with Canadian regulations for 10 days of paid sick time.

Vacation Leave in Canada

Encouraging Work-Life Balance

Promote a healthy work-life balance with well-crafted vacation leave policies. e-square assists you in creating leave structures that comply with Canadian standards, contributing to a positive and supportive workplace culture.

You have the following rights as an employee of an employer subject to federal regulation:

once you've worked for the same job for a year, you'll get two weeks off every year.

After five years of continuous employment with one employer, you are entitled to 3 weeks of vacation per year.

After ten years of continuous employment with one employer, you are entitled to 4 weeks of vacation per year.

Severance in Canada

Handling Employee Transitions with Care

Navigating employee transitions, including severance, requires sensitivity and compliance. The company must give the employee two weeks of regular salary in lieu of a written notice.

Termination in Canada

Legal Compliance and Ethical Practices

Termination is a delicate process that requires adherence to legal standards. e-square's Employer of Record and PEO services guide you through termination procedures. If an employer wants to terminate an employee's employment, they must provide them at least two weeks' written notice.

Employee Compensation & Benefits

Competitive and Compliant

Attract and retain top talent with competitive compensation and benefits. e-square works with you to design packages that not only meet industry standards but also comply with Canadian regulations, enhancing your employer brand.

Explore the full spectrum of e-square's Employer of Record and PEO services in Canada.

Contact us today for tailored solutions that elevate your business in the Canadian employment landscape.

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e-square simplifies the hiring process by offering comprehensive Employer of Record and PEO services, ensuring you find top talent while staying compliant with Canadian labor laws.

An effective employment contract, facilitated by e-square, provides clarity and compliance, setting the foundation for a positive employer-employee relationship.

Our expert team guides businesses in understanding and selecting the right health insurance options, prioritizing employee well-being.

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